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Thursday, 19 June 2014


On the 18th of June, me and 9 others jumped into a van and headed to Pleasant Point for a rippa tournament. After our N.O tournament win we headed to Pleasant Point for the Aoraki tournament to see who would go to Wellington for the nationals. In our first game we versed our N.O ''friends'' Pembroke, in the end we won 6-5 after that game we had our hopes up. Then we took on Wainoui or something like that, its hard to remember all the teams. The score was...6-5 AGAIN. I ran to the toilet and saw that after 2 games we were the only team that had won all our games. Next game we tied 6 all.  After lunch (thanks Subway) we had our hardest game against Pleasant Point which we had a narrow loss of 7-6.  We had to win our last game against Highfield to be in with a change of winning as all the teams were very close in points.  Luckly we came out on top 6-5.  We waited to see how Pembroke went as they had to win to keep our chances alive of going to Wellington.  Unfortunately due to a team member getting injured they had lost 9-3 against Pleasant Point.   We had a sad feeling I our stomachs.  The final points were announced and it was St Joseph's and Pleasant Point with the same points in first place.  So then it came down to a total of tries scored over the day.  Sadly we were 2 tries less than them, and they took home the cup and the trip to Wellington to represent the region at the Nationals. on the way back it was harsh everyone was singing I was sticking my head out the window to escape from the horrible screeching that came from inside. Then when I had to go home to grab my rugby boots my home was discovered and that is my story


  1. Sounds like a very exciting day Kaleb, you all did very well!

  2. nice story I wrote about rippa to =)