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Thursday, 24 July 2014



In the holidays, my family and I went to Christchurch.  In was a long painful 3 hour drive, but we stopped off for lunch at Rakaia at the Salmon Farm Café.  When we got to Christchurch we had a quick visit to my Uncle's new job at Bidvest.  He has just shifted from Blenheim and the family will following at the end of the year.  We went to our hotel which was lovely "The Chateau on the Park".  Shame it wasn't summer as they have an outdoor pool. 
We went to the Malls for a look around, there were lots of people everywhere.
On Saturday silly Dad decided for a ride in the Gondulas.  When we got there it was a little bit windy but the man at the counter said it was windy at the top.......well it was blowing a gale.  Half way up the steep incline the wind started.  The Gondula stopped, Mia paniced but Dad said, "it's ok they will start again" which it did and so did the wind.  I thought the Gondula was going to blow off.  Mia started crying and Mum was scared, but we finally made it to the top.  The lady said they were looking at closing as it was getting too windy. How would we get down?  It was a long walk!!!  At the top we went into the Time Tunnel.  The Time Tunnel immerses you in the drama of earlier times.  Twelve million years ago, subterranean forces unleashed liquid lava, ripping rocks apart.  It was amazing. was time to go back down.  But it was not as bad as getting up.  Feet on the ground again, yay.
In the afternoon Mum, Mia and I went to the 3D extreme movie How to Train your Dragon 2.  It was amazing in 3D and a great movie, 5 Stars
We went for a drive into the 'Red Zone' centre of Christchurch.  What a sad place with all the buildings down or damaged.  It looks just like a bomb has gone off.  Then there a still new buildings standing alone.
Back to the Mall where I done the Vertical Bungee, it was good and very high.  Was hard to so a flip with my jeans on though.
On Saturday night Dad and I went to the Super Rugby: Highlanders v Crusaders.  What a fantastic game, shame that we lost to the Red and Blacks.
On Sunday after our big hotel breakfast we went to the Brick Show at the Airforce Museum.  It is held once a year and it is a Lego show where people display their out of this world lego creations.  This place was packed and we had to push our way into the tables to see these.  But is was worth in.
After saying goodbuy to my Aunty and Uncle and a visit to some friends we hit the road for our journey home.   See you next time Christchurch xxx