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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Things I don't like chapter 1 Chromebooks out of (I don't know)

Do you like computers? well then your like Chromebooks WRONG because there horrible see...

There a waste of money parents will look at them and say Oh its a small laptop at a small price WRONG again laptop its were its wrong its a small computer that only has Internet.No Word ,no PowerPoint, no publisher{even know know one uses it any way} its just used for looking up things.

they look new. Parents will look at them and say say again oh there so cheap and look new WRONG again again they were made in 2009 that's like 201 billion years ago in tech years

What is the point of getting a Chromebook when you can get a smartphone for $20 at the warehouse. See $5 a week for a Chromebook then the $20 smartphone at the warehouse 

so you can get a Chromebook for $5 a week you choice should I  
get one or not write in the comment box below

check out seths blog to see his review on Chromebooks 

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