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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bank job Part 1

Once there was a man. He had short black spiky hair he wore all blue . He was new in town. As soon as he got there he went straight to the bar to look for jobs. He kicked the rusty door open hitting an innocent bystander in the stomach making him fall to the ground. Everyone looked. He pulled out a small shotgun and pulled the trigger... BANG. Everyone looked away he walked up to the counter and spoke soft voice “do you know where i could get the big shot” the man replied “the big bank” the man nodded slowly and left

He had the crew the 5 drivers 3 gunman and himself, left on the 4 custom Harley Davidsons and left for Albatross. The plan was set the 4 gunman named Larry, Harry and Barry and that other dude would jump out of the helicopter. That helicopter would fall and hit the highway while that happened Seth would cut the glass leading them into the vault the man would do some skills and turn off the lasers then they would blow the vault and get the money and get in the getaway vehicle which would be a ambulance. Ready set go. the plan was set they were above the bank so they jumped out the chopper the chopper fell faster than mh17 but it curved and hit the building!!! They landed but went threw the glass into the vault now it was up to the man he leapt and twisted but was hit a laser. BEEP BEEP BEEP guards busted through the door “FREEZE ”

That's how it ended for now, stay tuned for part 2 of bank job part 2.

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