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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

book review

book review

Diary of a wimpy Kid The long Haul

What the book is about:
The Heffley's go on a road trip but it doesn't go to plan mistaken robbers, crazed seagulls, a small baby pig, U.S president carvings out of butter? and other problems awaits them. but even a horrible road trip can turn into a fun adventure that the heffleys won't forget.

What i liked:
it was a funny book that made you keep reading it over and over again. It has some cheesy language and some hard words. Have i said it was funny?

Who i would recommend this book for:  kids ages over 10 because it has some hard language and for people who wanted a good laugh and want to know how to find out how to survive a family road trip

the author sights:
The author made this book because in the last book he left us all wondering what would happen next to our super kid Greg
will the past come back or haunt him




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