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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

First 2 weeks of school

It was a new day in the town of Oamaru. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the grass was green but there was one difference. one little difference everyone was up early. It was a school day and the first school day of 2015. this is my first 2 weeks of school. RING the first bell rung we did prayers and went to work. Half way through the day we were given week goals and put into learning groups and given learner licences and well I sort of finished my about me project 3 weeks early!  Also in the first week I finished my draft book review (it should be up) it was hard to chose which book to chose it was well you have a look.

Week 2:
My first workshop of 2015 reading,yay one of my strong subjects. We learnt that you have to go through 4 stages of seeing if the infos good or not. The next day later we went to do our ‘training’ for swimming sports it was fun doing lengths and lengths of swimming we did that for 3 days in a row. Friday was the best friday of my life Technology yay sowing yay. we are making personnel  devices covers. I'm making one for my phone 

well that was my first 2 weeks of school very odd from my past 7 years of education. 


  1. It sounds like you enjoyed your first two weeks of school I did to. I hope you are existed to see what is going to come next I know I am.

  2. Great story about your first two weeks of school it looks like your loving it