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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

RE Caritas typhoon Haiyan

In November 8 2013 a typhoon like no other hit the region of Visayas in the Philippines a category 5 super typhoon Haiyan. This typhoon had soooooooo much power that 6340 died in this MASSIVE CATEGORY 5 TYPHOON. This typhoon is the worst that has hit land with wind speed of 348 km/h this is the phase after the super storm

People from all over the world came to clean up the mess that included getting bodies out out of the wreckage 6340 infact.They also brought food water and supplies for houses and money for supplies for more shelter material such as metal, wood and clay
the people of Visayas recovered well they used the fallen coconut trees to make houses for the time being people started growing food with seeds from caritas again and even people reopened their shops to get the money
they put in metal straps to keep the walls to the foundations people started to grow their food and the families need more access to water and if their was a next time no one gets hurt
they are ready because they have typhoon shelter,they have reinforced water pipes and they also have experience of what to do next since they have just experienced such havok  

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  1. Thanks for sharing these very interesting facts about Typhoon Haiyan Kaleb. It was certainly a devastating catastrophe for the people of the Philippines.