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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Creepy House

It was a late Friday night in France. And I was walking home from a party the moon was as bright as the light of the house in front of me. I thought that was strange so I was going to knock on the, dark oak wooden door that stood in front of me higher that the moon.
I rang the doorbell.
I thought I heard a click.
It was true.
I fell faster than a F1 car at full speed. I hit the ground hard and never remembered a thing.
Until now, I got up and started to walk around. A shiver went up my spine as something was watching me.I Turned around and it was there. Sharp teeth that were shaper than a brand new knife. Its dark red eyes were zooming into my soul. its claws were pressed on my chest. A deep voice said "Why are you in my lair!" he boomed  I blinked he was gone. I screamed and a door opened more beings came out hairy ones, big ones ,small ones and even the beast was there. I realised I was in a place no one could believe it was.... IT

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