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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Deep Dark Story

there was a dog it loved to eat food once he ate a cat then a fox then a wolf then a green elephant. The dog exploded he died
The end

But the story doesn't end there the dogs spirit rose and found a helpless dog and became it. The dog ate every thing in sight a car, a bus, a tree, 420 bananas and a dodo (that's how they all died). The spirit rose as that dog exploded. Now we go onto a more calming matter a boy he had just left school and saw the dog. He ran home to his house, where his mother was making dinner.
"Hello dear"
"Hello Mother"
"Do you want dinner now"
"No thank you"
The boy ran upstairs and jumped on the laptop and looked on the news
"Tonight, dog explosion downtown"
"Justin Bevier arrested for Attacking a elderly lady
"And Pies how are they made? tonight on 420 news."
 The boy listened to the story as he herd his mother scream he ran downstairs to see their dogs guts all over the wall and roof and even in his mother's stew. It was gruesome. another dog had exploded in a gutsy inferno. The boy decided to purchase another dog and protect it
"But how are we meant to catch a ghost dog?"
The boy replied
"With faith my sister and bacon"
 The family set a trap with heat-seeking glue gun, a thing that when you move it hits you with a hammer and a laser that comes out of your phone and lights object on fire. The ghost came the glue came first it didn't work so the father went up to fix it, SPLOSH one down 3 to go. The hammer was next but it didn't work so the mother went up to see what happened. SPAT the mother had been turned into mother stew. Finally the thing that had to work a laser pointer that burns things. Well all story's end well but this one lasers don't work on ghosts. Physics bro. The boy was horrified but out of nowhere faster than light the dog leaped on the beast. BOOM, BAM CLUNK. It was done the dog was dead, both dogs were now dust. That was it over end of story

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