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Monday, 8 June 2015

Ballon Car Results

Me and Joe  were doing some science about balloon powered cars
and here are our results

If you cant read this we had three types of parachutes. Glad, Paper and no parachute. We spit it into time to stop and distance here are our results

No Parachute distance    

Test 1: 2.05m
Test 2: 1.9m
Test 3: 2.39m
Test 4: 2.5m
Test 5: 2.5m
Paper Parachute distance
Test 1:0m
Test 2:0m
Test 3:0.60m
Test 4:0.53m
Test 5:1.21m
Glad Wrap Parachute
Test 1:0.81m
Test 2:0.77m
Test 3:0.87m
Test 4:1.32m
Test 5:1.52m

Non Parachute time
Test 1: 3.46 sec
Test 2: 3.39 sec
Test 3: 4.43 sec
Test 4: 4.70 sec
Test 5: 3.31 sec
Paper Parachute time
Test 1 :0 sec
Test 2: 0 sec
Test 3: 1.77 sec
Test 4: 4.40 sec
Test 5: 3.40 sec
Glad Wrap Parachute time
Test 1: 2.66 sec
Test 2: 3.44 sec
Test 3: 5.00 sec
Test 4: 3.82 sec
Test 5: 3.46 sec
in distance no parachute took the best average by a bit
and in time was very close between np (no parachute) and glad but
No parachute is well the best out of the three in parachutes time and distance  

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