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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Chapter summreys Boyoverboard

the flowing is the first ten chapters of Boy overboard

Chapters 1,2,3,4,5
Jamal our main character is playing soccer in Afghanistan with his friends then his sister came along and kicked the ball away toward a mine field. Bibi(Jamal's sister) runs after the ball. Jamal starts a foot chase they find the ball under a tank the tank it looked parked. The tank pointed its gun at Jamal and Bibi. Bibi ran off and Jamal grabbed the ball he started to walk when he heard a cry "Jamal your sister stood on a mine" he ran back there she was...  on a mine that hadn't gone off in the end she didn't die now. they were walking back home Jamal bounced the ball three times then his a man down the street grabbed the ball and said "You kids broke my window" he pointed at a window Jamal did some skills and broke a window, yeh he broke another window, The man was furious he went to ring the police. But his dad arrived and said "ill take it from here" he took dropped of Jamal's friend and went home.
Chapters 6,7,8,9,10
Jamal and Bibi are at home his dad and mum are talking upstairs then they come down and say Jamal's school has been shutdown (his school is at his house) everything was gone the blackboard, pencils, pens, everything was gone. Mum decided to leave to go to the city. Jamal was shocked so he came up with a plan to help his family by becoming a world class soccer player and Bibi could be one too and make a female soccer team too. So they went to Yusuf's house(one of Jamal's friends) to hide soooooo he went outside in the DARK practising his footwork. Then a voice said "Jamal what are you doing?" it was his sister they had some practise together. Bibi kicked the ball it hit their houses front door and... BOOM their house had blown up. They ran back to Yusuf's house and said their goodbyes and left.       

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