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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Dunedin Itinerary


OCTAGON               TO                   ST CLAIR BEACH
(Princes St)                                   (St Clair Terminus)

9.05am (0905)       Depart Princes St        Bus Route 29
9.20am (0920)       Arrive St Clair Terminus

The bus ride took 15 minutes.
Walk to Esplanade Surf School, 2 minutes.

9.30am (0930) Surfing Lesson at St Clair Surf School for one hour.  Finishes at 10.30am (1030).

10.45am (1045) Morning tea at Starfish Cafe and Bar for 30 Minutes.  Finish at 11.15am (1115).

ST CLAIR BEACH         TO            LEAP
(St Clair Terminus)                     (Grosvenor St, Kensington)

11.30am (1130)       Depart St Clair Terminus  Bus Route 28
11.35am (1135)       Arrive Hillside Road Stop

The bus ride took 5 minutes.
Walk to Leap, 11 minutes.

12noon (1200) Leap Admission for one hour. Finishes 1.00pm (1300).

LEAP                                TO                       CADBURY WORLD                     
(Grosvenor St)                                             (Cumberland St)

Walk from leap to Hillside Road stop, 12 minutes.

1.27pm (1327)     Depart Hillside Road stop, Bus Route 32
1.36pm (1336)     Arrive Cumberland St

The bus ride took 9 minutes.
Walk to Cadbury World, 1 minute.  

1.45pm (1345) Short tour of Cadbury's, 45 minutes. 1.45-2.30pm (1345-1430).

CADBURY WORLD            TO                      MOANA POOL
(Cumberland St)                                 (60 Littlebourne RD)

Walk from Cadbury World to George St stop, 5 minutes.

2.37pm (1437)      Depart George Street,   Bus Route 38
2.41pm (1441)      Arrive Stuart St

The bus ride took 4 minutes.
Walk to Moana Pool, 2 minutes.

Swim and go on the hydro slide for one hour (1500-1600)

MOANA POOL            TO             OTAGO MUSEUM
(60 Littlebourne RD)                (419 Great King St)

Walk from Moana Pool to London Street stop, 3 Minutes.  

4.15pm  (1615)          Depart London St  Bus Route 38
4.18pm  (1618)          Arrive George St

The bus ride took 3 minutes.
Walk to the Otago Museum, 4 minutes.

Visit all Otago Museum parts until 5.30pm (1730).

OTAGO MUSEUM                  TO           THE LONE STAR
(419 Great King St)                             484 George St

Walk from the Museum at 5.30 (1730) to the Lone Star,
5 minutes.

5.35pm (1735) Have a meal at the Lone Star


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