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Monday, 27 July 2015

Imagine I was a......

The attack. My first day at my new job and I had scars; probably from something you wouldn't guess. 6 days ago in a place 699 Km away

As I left the special college after the graduation, I was confronted by a strange man dressed in a black hood and blue skinny jeans. He stunk of alcohol and fish but the strong smell of body odor put me off from the devilish grin on his hairy face.

Out of nowhere the devilish man assaulted me with a short but sharp knife. I held him off but the short rusty blade somehow pierced into the palm of my hand. It felt like a broadsword digging into my heart. Luckily some of the fellow graduates came out and pounced into action like a swarm of bees protecting their queen. They put him to ground and placed him under arrest.
That was it over.
The damage was done.
On me.

Imagine being a police officer.

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  1. cool writing Kaleb maybe pop a bit more similes in to make it even better next time but other wise its great