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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Me Poem


Wishes to become a person who helps people who can’t help themselves and a powerful person who brings justice to all who need it the most.

Dreams of traveling the globe in a water biplane because he’s always wanted to travel the world since he was a kid.

Wonders about how the sky is blue if the sea is clear? But then the sea would also be clear if the sky was clear so where does the blue come from?

Fears those tall glass skyscrapers that you can fall through.

Is Afraid of dying. What happens? Does your soul devolve and enter another life form or do you live in some strange land?

Likes anything that makes him laugh or makes adventure.

Believes    “anyone can succeed as long as they try, and eat pancakes.”

Loves his family because they are the closest people in his life and been there for almost everything.

Plans to do anything that life throws at him unless he gets hurt (which is a 75% chance).                                   

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