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Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Highlanders Victory Parade

On Monday 6th July I was lucky enough to be part of a group of Children and Adults who travelled to Dunedin on the Big Red Double Decker Bus to see the Highlanders Victory Parade after they won the Investec Super Rugby Title.  The first time they have won it.
We had the most amazing bus driver and tour guide "Ralf Davies" he drove us to Dunedin gave us a commentary on the way, done quizzes about the Highlanders Team over the microphone and we all learnt a Highlanders Chant.
When we arrived in Dunedin we picked up some people from the Railway Station then had a wee tour of Dunedin (including the Scarfie Area) then we went to the Forsyth Barr Stadium.  We were all wondering why we were going to the Stadium when the parade was in town.  Then Ralf said to us all "see that bus there I am sure that it is taking the Highlanders team to the parade".  We all got off the bus and then sure enough all the players came out of their "Headquarters" and went to get on the bus.  Ralf said to a few of the boys "hey guys come over here some fans want to get a photo".  A few of them came over and we also got photos with Aaron Smith before they all jumped on their bus.
We boarded our Big Red Bus and travelled into town where we had prime viewing of the victory parade.  Ralph had some signs made up for the bus so we took one into town and Corbin, Mannix, Sebastian and I become Super Stars.  Our picture holding the sign was on Stuff news within half an hour of the parade, then we were on 3 News, The Crown goes Wilde, and The Otago Daily Times.
After the Parade and a bite of lunch we headed back to the stadium where the bus was again dropping off the Highlanders Team.  They came back over to us where we got heaps of photos including our touch of the Trophy.  This was a once in a lifetime trip and it was the highlight of my school holidays.

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  1. Wow this is very exciting Kaleb, you were lucky to be a part of this. Great that you became famous too. Good recount of what happened, looking forward to reading more on your blog.