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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Book Review 3

HaImage result for hatchet the rivertchet The River
The Plot:
Brian Robeson, a 13-year-old boy who spent 54 days surviving alone in the Canadian wilderness the previous summer, is hired by the government to again live in the woods with only two knives and surviving only by his wits, so the military can learn his survival techniques. Brain denies it at first, Brian eventually agrees. This time, Brian sets out for a remote Canadian location accompanied by Derek Holtzer, a government psychologist.
The Base:
Though the government stipulated the duo take emergency supplies, Brian insists they abandon everything but a knife and an emergency radio, saying that it would be impossible to eat bugs and sleep in the rain if a tent and prepared food is within reach. During their stay, things take a grim turn when their camp is struck by lightning, which knocks Derek into a coma and destroys the radio.
Whom I recommend this book to                   
People who like adventure and have a taste of drama. Also this book engaged me with its description and making people want more until the book ends. When i did finish the book i had read all them in the series(which i recommend doing).                                                
Pros and Cons
Pro: The book is a thriller leaving you hanging for ages until it puts it to rest
Pro: It hooks you in by recapping the last book so you know what's the base and then puts in the new stuff
Con: It could be more exciting with some more hard words
Con: LONGER. The book is a bit too short for a  Young-adult fiction book

Brian builds a raft in a desperate bid to get him down the river to Brannock's Trading Post for emergency aid. Derek survives and later buys Brian a canoe as a thank you present.                        

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