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Monday, 31 August 2015

Bucket list

It was a beautiful day in Fiji. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the water was more blue than the eye could see.
But it was time my time to shine; To tick something off my bucket list, to be that man I wanted to be.

“MORNING TIME” I screamed. It was time, to get dressed. I put on some nice summertime clothes packed my bag and went down for breakfast. After a short time eating I jumped into a taxi and headed on the road. I put down the tinted glass window and breathed in the “nice cool air”. As I thought of what i would do the driver had other plans he drove faster than the speed of light and all over the road. Than I realised he was the asian with a fat build, it was that dude who drove of a cliff into the water because he was a stuntman. I was horrified I even wet myself but he dropped me off at my destination wet but alive.

It was huge; bigger than the taxi driver but I was at “the rock”
We (me the instructor and 5 people) climbed the towering rock but after 10 hard drilling minutes we made it. “OOH AAAH” the people aforementioned. The tanned instructor explained but we couldn't understand him. Out of nowhere he started free falling of the cliff.Silents broke the outrage of screams and pain for him, Then we heard a quiet voice whisper…. jump. In a flash i jumped off the mossy rock into the clear crisp water below, SPLASH the cool water went up my spine it was refreshing but a site horrored me; the instructor hanging by a thread above sharp but shiny rocks he leaped into the water without a scratch. As we left the rock something worried me.

On the trip back it was quiet all i heard was the rumbling sound of the engine bursting into action. I heard the sounds of birds singing the sea crashing and the wind howling. I felt different like i had won something, but i had, I had achieved life, ticked something off my bucket list and saved someone at the same time.

Based off a true story


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