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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Driving across the english channel

This is a story about two people with a bold idea. They had heard of many people swimming across the english channel, so they decided to take it to the next level, in the comfort of their own 1991 used people mover. Obviously this isn’t a good idea because cars don’t float.

“This is a real nice car you got here Kaleb”
“I know, I bought it of mighty ape”
“So you think we can really do this”
“Of course we can do it”
“Well kaleb, I’m gonna have to tell you the truth, you have gone insane”
“I escaped from a mental hospital in 1995, my name used to be Lewis Rondale”
“I don’t feel comfortable being near you”
“ Neither does Mia like being near you.”
“ Who’s Mia”
“ My invisible ghost of a bride who I killed in 1994 hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”
“ I’m having second thoughts of this trip

They were driving on english channel.Kaleb was driving and was listening to the latest katy perry song. Seth on the other hand was feeling a bit sea sick because they were going 150 miles per hour!! But out of nowhere a white whale crashed into them and made then sink to the bottom

(2 hours later)
“ Ahh... what... Seth... are you there”
“Help im stuck under titanic”
“..... um were in atlantics Seth there's no titanic in atlantics”
“ Oh so whats your plan big shot how are we gonna get out of this.”
“ We go to the repair shop
“Wait the atlantic people are supposed to be real advanced aren’t they.
“ Yes ,Seth are you that dumb
“Kaleb aren’t you supposed to be in a mental hospital
“Good point”
“What we need to do is build a rocket ship thats made out of diamonds, just because diamonds are cool”
“ Okay I’ll marry the owner of the atlantic space agency and you play minecraft so you can get diamonds”
“ Okay”

So after a few hours Kaleb had 64 diamonds and Seth had set up an online dating account attracting wilda waterson, the owner of NAS. She gave seth a rocket to fly to france. Kaleb gave seth the diamonds and seth ate the diamonds because he was hungry.

So that was it Seth, Kaleb and wilda had a fun adventure and a weird ending. Kaleb went back to england and flew into a power pole that turned into a hippo that shooted lasers and flying saucers. Kaleb got out his lightsaber and killed the beast. He then got killed in the mental hospital by a pack of dogs that he thought he saw. Seth went to back atlanticas where he drowned, came back to life and accidentally killed wilda and himself with the purple pen of power.

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