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Sunday, 11 October 2015

An email From God

An email
From: God
To: all people
Why I give you free will:
How I wish you to use your free will:
What I most want from you:
An email
From: all people
To: God

Why Do you give us free will because We need the power to make our own decisions to make our lives Our lives and to life our lives at the fullest so we can be ourselves and be no one else.

How you wish us would use our free will? we use it wisely so we do keep our free will from others and we stay independent from everyone else. Also to use it with respect so we don't lose it to others who don't have it and drag us into the dark deep hole.

What you most want from us: To be independent and live our lives to the fullest and be who we want to be in our lives. Do you want us to respect our lives and to keep our independent lives independent.

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