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Sunday, 18 October 2015

My police ESSA


Have you thought about what you will do later life? My choice has been confirmed as being a Police officer. If you don't know what they are, they help people in lots ways, Solving crimes looking for missing persons and following the laws that the government have put for the people of New Zealand. I had some thoughts about my question but i have came to my conclusion; how do police officers stay calm under pressure”. Yes they are trained to cope but truly how?

Me and constable Brew (my uncle) had a discussion about the police and this is it summed up.  
“So thank you for coming so here are some questions about the police and the force.
“How is it like becoming a police officer”
It feels great earning the right to help people that cannot help themselves and can’t take control of themselves when they go.
“How many Police Ranks are in the force?”
You’ll start as a constable for 2 years then you can chose out of 16 bigger careers, but after 3 years there are bigger opportunities such as detective or dive squad. After 5 years more opportunities arise.
“How do police officers stay calm under pressure”
You must remember life's are at state and people's safety is at risk so all your stress is at the “Back of your head”
That sumed our discussion up.

DAILY LIFE (Mini Story)
As I arise from my slumber i realized; It was time to be a policeman. I into the trill after my normal daily morning routine I into my Holden Cruze and left the building. After arriving at the police station to find my partner in law sitting with our first assignment ready. After patrolling with nothing for 2 ½ hours we stop to have a healthy lunch break. Faster than speed itself a crazed drive went at 136 mph at a red traffic light but he dodged it, but he skimmed a car instead and went flying into a power pole causing a power outage for ¾  of the town.
That was it.
The damage was done.
As I sprinted over to the crime scene the damage was so great, the driver was unconscious. I pulled the lifeless man out of the wreck to discover a great bleeding from his side. I covered the gash with a towel it will have to do. As the ambulance arrived I walked over to the crash to find a fire at the wreck I sprinted off to get help but it was to late as the wreck burst into flames. That's the hard knock life for a policeman.

First you must be at least 18 with a full driver's license. You must be fit and healthy but also have at least  NCEA Level 2 English and maths they  may be useful, as the police entrance exams test English and maths to this level. You must train for 1 year to become an actively police officer.
You must notify the NZ Police medical team if you have ever had asthma (to any degree). A history of asthma will not necessarily exclude you, however supporting documentation and assessment will be required.
A visual test is to be conducted for all applicants who have answered yes to any of the visual questions in the Health Questionnaire at the initial medical clearance stage, and is required for all applicants prior to commencing training.

Have you thought about what you will do later life yet? hopefuly this piece has help you to think about your later life but remember I had a question; “how do police officers stay calm under pressure”. They must remember life's are at state and people's safety is at risk so all your stress is at the “back of your head” said a wise man. You must protect and serve the law  and that's why i want to be a policeman when i'm in my mid-life

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