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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christmas Greed

Have your kids ever got something that you put your heart into and they said NO!. Many parents have, had that feeling of your kids turning into greedy little monsters. Kids these days don't care about presents from the heart they only care about expensive stuff .Now i will state my points about Christmas greed.

Kids are ungrateful these days. Let's say a kid got an Xbox 1 For $498 which is expensive and said “I wanted a PS4”( which has no difference)he starts to moan and moan and moan and moan until he get what he wants kids are ungrateful because they ask for Ipods, Ipads, Apple Watches and Segways. Kids always moan about what they get unless it correct. Kids should be grateful of what they get and think about the poor kids who don't have Christmas.

Think about the kids in poverty. The kids who don't have christmas. Don't be selfish if. you're going to be selfish give your present to a poor starving kid in poverty. Those kids need something to entertain themselves. because they have nothing to do. Kids in poverty don't have christmas that means that they don't know what the true meaning of christmas is and that means they don't know about Jesus; and that means no Christmas.

Kids are losing the true point of christmas they think “it's all about the presents about the presents no other meaning” well it's not about that it's about Jesus. On the 25th of December it's christmas the time for families to come together and remember Jesus. Kids are thinking christmas is a time to get toys and show them off to the neighbourhood and thank “Santa” for your presents. Christmas is a time to share and thank Jesus and God for what we have

. Christmas is a time for families to come together and thank Jesus, not to get presents and complane. Think about the kids who don't have christmas the kids who don't know about God they don’t know the true meaning about christmas. Greed is not a thing to be happy about enjoy what you get because people thought hard about what you got.

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